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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

University Visits and Music Scholarship Auditions

So you want to study music after high-school?  There are some things you (and your parents) should know about Northwest Missouri State University:
  • Northwest is a fantastic school for future music educators.  Our graduates teach instrumental, vocal, string, and elementary music at first-rate schools throughout the midwest.  Our new Bachelor of Music Education degree (BME) is designed to strengthen an already strong program.
  • We offer competitive music performance scholarships to qualified students, regardless of major.  These are in addition to academic awards and federal financial aid.
  • Northwest offers financial benefits beyond scholarships as well.  All of our ensembles are available for "Activity Credit" (NO tuition cost); the Northwest textbook rental program can save students between $800-1,000 per year; and there are no hidden costs beyond tuition like applied lesson "fees."
I highly recommend that prospective students visit campus during a school day to take an official campus tour, sit-in with ensembles/classes, and take a free trumpet lesson.  This is really the best way to get a feel for the students, faculty, and general character of the campus.

For more information, please visit Northwest Admissions to apply to our fine university.  Music performance scholarship information can be found here.  For specific information about trumpet study at Northwest, please contact Dr. William Richardson (660-562-1316, billr@nwmissouri.edu).